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About Me

I have loved food since the first day that my mom gave me a plastic tea set. I have dreamt about exploring cuisines, and I have imagined being a professional chef all my life. I watched Great Chefs of America, the Galloping...

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Have thoughts, questions, or suggestions for places to review, or want information about specific topics? Contact me at Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, too! @Peas On Moss.

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I surround myself with people who know better than I do. Why? Because I am learning from them. I have grown as a writer, a cook, and a consumer by reading their writings, trying their recipes, and exploring new places. Cooking n...

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Peas what?

So you might wonder, what’s with the name? Who wants peas on their moss? Well, it’s a play on words and alliteration (Thanks, Mrs. Sanford). Mise en place is a French word that is used in the culinary world as a...

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