Author: Kimberly Schaub

Ep. 025: The Culinologist Podcast: Maxwell Fluck shares why he’s obsessed wtih sous vide machines

Culinologist Maxwell Fluck is a graduate of Southwest Minnesota State University’s Culinology program, and he works as a culinary technologist at OSI Group. From working with meat seasoning blends to providing solutions for customers, Maxwell’s days are different every day. His journey has featured some great internships and mentorship, and those experiences have begun shaping him into the technologist he is today. Find out why he’s obsessed with sous vide machines and why you’ll think of him next time you see an advertisement for a Joule or Sansaire.  ...

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Podcast: Jack Timmon’s of Seattle’s Jack’s BBQ answers the question “Where can I find good (authentic) Texas BBQ in Seattle?”

  When you ask your friends for restaurant recommendations for an upcoming visit to the PNW, you’re probably expecting a list of restaurants that showcase cedar-planked salmon, coconut cream pies, and coppery oysters. But the restaurant you should add to your list is almost too easy to miss – true Central Texas-style barbecue smoking restaurant Jack’s BBQ is hidden in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood among industrial warehouses and the bus depot.     Having spent a few years in Texas, I had to hear for myself whether Jack was legit, so  this podcast episode is Jack’s opportunity to prove that he really brings it. Find out why Sir Mix-a-Lot twitter-stalked Jack during his pop-up dinners, and make plans to visit!   Jack’s BBQ 3924 Airport Way S. Seattle WA 98108 206.467.4038 Hours: Mon – 11-2 Tue-Thu – 11-8 Fri-Sat – 11-9 Sun – 4-8 Happy Hour 3-6 weekdays  ...

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The Culinologist Podcast: The Key to Successful R&D with Chef Barton Dewing

Ragozzino Foods Executive Research Chef Barton Dewing says that the measure of successful R&D is in the product’s successful scale up – going from benchtop sizes to large manufactured sizes. Practically anyone can make a delicious dish or item when you’ve got ample time, direct control over all the elements, and the budget to make it. But can anyone make it in the quantities desired within the cost targets? Chef Barton has worked in restaurant kitchens, front-of-the-house, corporate restaurant management, online grocery, and manufacturing. He’s also an active member in the Research Chefs Association and is the commissioner of the RCA certification committee. Find...

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From Bombs to Bunsen Burners, Part 2

Kimberly’s note: Jonathan Valdez wrote this guest post describing his process in researching and selecting a food science graduate degree. Thanks for sharing the start of your journey, Jonathan! ~ My first steps were integral to getting to the point I am now. First, I looked at the top schools and weighed my options. I made a spreadsheet with all the schools that ended up on the top food science lists I could find on google. Then I started researching what I would need to do to get into one of these schools.             ...

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From Bombs to Bunsen Burners, Part 1

    I was asked to write a blog post about my transition from a military officer to going back to graduate school in food science. There are so many different aspects to this: transition from military to civilian transition from full time work to full time grad studying using a graduate degree as a springboard to change careers going back to school after almost a decade (most importantly) what I learned about food science along the way This situation probably won’t fit many of you. I don’t know too many military members out there who are going into...

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